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Skele - Flower Barrette by wickenrenny Skele - Flower Barrette :iconwickenrenny:wickenrenny 0 0 Pepsi Ash Tray by wickenrenny Pepsi Ash Tray :iconwickenrenny:wickenrenny 0 0 Belly Dancer Outfit by wickenrenny Belly Dancer Outfit :iconwickenrenny:wickenrenny 2 2
I feel eyes on me
Watching my every move
People talk, and I listen
I’m not supposed to
But I hear. I also know
What they see and say
Is all false, lies
I know because that
Is what I show them
They see what I want
People to see, not me
I know they see
What they think is me
They judge, they like and dislike
They think they love
They have no clue
I’m being watched
But it’s not me they see.
:iconwickenrenny:wickenrenny 0 0
Mature content
Pills and Blood :iconwickenrenny:wickenrenny 0 0
Everyone has them
Moments locked in time
Some are happy
Some are sad
Right now I cannot tell
You one happy moment
Even if I tried
All I have are cruel
Hateful, horrible pasts
I found it all out
In less then one hour
To much for me
I hate it
I hate her
I hate him
I hate them all
This will be a memory
Of memories locked in time
But even if they’re locked
They are always there.
:iconwickenrenny:wickenrenny 1 0
I'll be There
When you cry
I’ll be there for you
When you get dumped
I’ll be there for you
When you need to talk
I’ll be there for you
When all goes wrong
I’ll be there for you
When you feel alone
I’ll be there for you
When you’re down and out
I’ll be there for you
When your parents yell
I’ll be there for you
When you go wrong
I’ll be there for you
So, no matter what
I’ll be there for you
:iconwickenrenny:wickenrenny 0 0
Friends are Always There
Friends are always there
When I need a shoulder to cry on
Friends are always there
When I need one good laugh
Friends are always there
To put a smile on my face
Friends are always there
Together to the end and back
Friends are always there
Between the bad and worst
Friends are always there
When I need a hug
Friends are always there
To see me embarrass myself
Friends are always there
And in my heart they’ll always be
:iconwickenrenny:wickenrenny 0 0
I have never been more
Scared in my life
It was so unexpected
I was surprised that
The locker didn’t break
I heard it, I saw it.
He was concerned for a friend
Pissed off because no one else cared
Shock is what I was in
Now I am in tears
Trying to understand
What happened five minutes ago
Just starting to catch my breath
I ran to class
He yells angerly, not at me
But as if the people were there
They don’t see a friend
Who is in emotional pain
They don’t see what it’s doing to her
He cares a lot for his friend
He is pissed, and I am scared.
:iconwickenrenny:wickenrenny 0 0
Mature content
Rape :iconwickenrenny:wickenrenny 0 0
Plan to Change
I can’t seem to write about one happy thing.
All I can write about is
Death, pain and destruction.
I know that there is more to life,
Yet this is all I know.
I know I need to change,
But that’s so hard to do.
It is much easier said.
Can I even change, when I want to?
Do I have that much strength?
I can write about not sad things
But mediocre instead of happy.
I should take small steps
To attain my ultimate goal
I can’t wait until I write happy tales
Of wonderful, happy people
But for thing will have to do.
:iconwickenrenny:wickenrenny 1 0
Some Olde Verse
Come my gentile friend, weep they sorrows away
And from another like a brother, weeps with you this day
The heart it hurts and is black with despair,
And none but friends can keep the pain fair
Unreasoning is not allowed nor shall it be permitted
Come, unsavory life unto thy hands protected.
Love thy neighbor and be amended
Find love if thou wish it come
Pay their own respects I’ll give to thee
What I can but I’ll take nothing back
For to love with out boundaries is to
Truly love for sure, you’ll give my life
Blessings if you befriend my soul and I’ll
Give myself to you whichever friend or foe.
I hope we shall not part with these unpleasant pains
But farewell without despair, in hopes to meet again.
I thought I love you and I did, but what to that may come
I’ll love you till my life will end because that what I can.
:iconwickenrenny:wickenrenny 0 0
Mirror, Please Break
Same blood
Same face
Will we have
The same life?
If so I
Wish to die
Life the same
Is not wanted.
I hope to
Life my life
Not hers
But mine
If I live hers
I want death
And she should
Die as well
There’s nothing
But her haunting
If she dies
Then I die
I wish
I never knew these
Things I do:
Her and me.
:iconwickenrenny:wickenrenny 0 0
I am naked standing
In front of my mirror.
I see my self, and yet
I see my mask.
Sometimes, the only time
I see me for me
Is when I put
My mask away.
But even here,
In the mirror,
My everyday mask
Hides me from people,
Hides me from me.
The depression is almost
Always unbearable.
But nobody knows
My horrible childhood
Which I grew in.
That, I only know
Because my mask.
No one knows
All the sexual harassments,
All the people who beat me,
And they will never know.
My mask hides me well.
:iconwickenrenny:wickenrenny 0 0
I'm hidden
There is hurt and pain inside of me
I hide it with a smile
Most people see me as
One of the happiest people
That is a lie
If only people knew
What happened to me
Maybe they would care
Maybe see the fake life
That I let them see
I don’t let anyone in
It hurts too much
I can’t sleep at night
And I can’t concentrate in school
It is getting harder for me
I wonder if she knows
The pain and suffering
She’s put me through
I cry at night
I make up an imaginary life
A life I will never lead
A life I have never seen
With happiness everywhere
But I always come back to reality
There is no happiness
And there never will be
Some say they care
I still keep them out
Even my best friends don’t know
All they know is what I let them
It hurts to lie to them
But it would hurt more if they knew
People still don’t understand
How hard it is to move on
But I pretend and they believe
They see what I want them to see
They don’t see me
They don’t see hurt, pain
They is apar
:iconwickenrenny:wickenrenny 0 1
Good Bye
My head hurts,
My heart aches,
As I think
Of the past.
What did happen?
Unfortunately, I know.
I wish I
Did not know.
I beg of you,
Take the
Misery and
Memory away.
If they stay,
Then I will go.
And they will stay.
I won’t go.
Good bye
I wish it
Were not so
But I must go.
:iconwickenrenny:wickenrenny 1 0

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Mira-Leigh Deirdre
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United States
I am me and that is all I can be.

Current Residence: MD
Favorite genre of music: All Music but paticularly Folk, rock and roll, heavy, trance, techno, oldies, metal... etc
Favourite cartoon character: Marvin the Martian
Personal Quote: The only way to get rid of temptation is to give into it
So, first item on my list is that my brother is building a pagan shop in Florida where he now resides with his roommate. Yay him! One issue now, he's not artistically talented and needs help with a good logo design. His shop is going to be called "Mystic Wolves".

His specifics for this logo are
"2 wolves howling, a full moon in the background. and incorporating all the elements or perhaps having all the elemental signs going around the moon. it would also have to be able to look good in a black white and gray design for business cards"

But this still allows for artistic interpretation. (the four elements are fire, earth, water, air.) If you want to help us out, please let me know by replying here. I'm asking anyone to try their hand at this. I'm trying to get as many different artistic styles as possible to do this for my brother and his business partner to choose from.

Next item is that school is taking up way too much of my time. So I haven't done much at all in the way of art or design, etc. I miss it but school work comes first. Especially since I am paying for it. But I am hoping this summer to add massively to my garb collection. Specifically to belly dancing and some more period clothing items. I've been commissioned for next fall to make a few ponchos (half-moon-esk style) for my friends. Plus I need better winter and summer fighting garb and armor for my two Darkon characters, a belly dancer assassin and secretarial/highly religious druid. ^.^ Lots to do but no time to do it! lol.

Thanks for reading!
Miss Mira Deirdre,
Otherwise known as Crystal.
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